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Jimmy Carter meets exiled Hamas leader in 2008

Jimmy Carter meets exiled Hamas leader in 2008

About a month ago, my conservative bro MacGregor posted a piece dissecting Democrats playing the race card in order to win the Health Care debate.  This week, that opinion has become more prominent based on a few national news articles and interviews.  Generally, the conservative media believes the use of racism by the left is mostly a tactic to distract from the sagging support for the Health Care reform bill.  However, we see it less as a gimmick and more as a glimpse into the psyche of the liberal thought process.  Those promoting the racial aspects of dissent see the world through a different prism then the majority of Americans.  This world is defined by race, gender, and class before morals, integrity, and facts.  So does the re-institution of this argument help the Left in anyway? (more…)


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