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In God We Trust

In God We Trust

 As my somewhat less Conservative Brother notes in his recent post (Obama Address to Congress, Part Deux), Obama gave another brilliant speech in Wednesday’s address. He did an amazing job at invoking emotions using anecdotal evidence and heart tugging rhetoric, and I believe this speech will give him at least a temporary boost in public approval.  The question is, will the temporary uplift in sentiment towards a health care overhaul be sustained until Senator Max Baucas presents the new bill in late September?  Baucus has said publicly that he intends to push the bill forward with or without bi-partisan backing.  Think the overhaul sounds inevitable?  Think again.  There has been one common denominator amidst pundits on both sides of the spectrum.  How will we pay for the plan?  And, are Obama’s figures for funding the plan even possible.  Lets take them one by one.


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