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If you’ve ever watched South Park, you know the show is unafraid to go after anybody.  Its their satirical look at all walks of life and topical events that has kept the show fresh and maintained its high viewership for 14 seasons.  But on their 200th episode special, they have sparked the anger of a radical Islamic organization that have posted a veiled threat against the creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.  (UPDATE: Summary from last night’s show at the bottom) (more…)

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Oh Kanye, when will you ever find whatever it is you are looking for?

Last week I wrote a post saying the President gave an impressive Health Care speech to the members of Congress. This week, my first post is agreeing 100% with the POTUS.  In an off the record comment made to an ABC News reporter, President Obama called Kanye West a jackass for his immature display at Sunday night’s MTV video music awards.  In other news, students at South Park elementary report that Kanye West likes fishsticks.


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