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Location of Proposed "Ground Zero Mosque"

Only a few weeks ago, the Obama administration’s stated opinion on the mosque/Islamic cultural center being built near Ground Zero was that it was a local issue that the President would not comment on, as seen here being said by Robert Gibbs:  

It’s a position the administration has held on to several times since the Henry Louis Gates incident to not get involved in hot button topics such as Prop 8.  But on Friday, the President finally did come out in support of the right to build a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, only to hedge his comments on Saturday.  But why?  (more…)

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If you’ve ever watched South Park, you know the show is unafraid to go after anybody.  Its their satirical look at all walks of life and topical events that has kept the show fresh and maintained its high viewership for 14 seasons.  But on their 200th episode special, they have sparked the anger of a radical Islamic organization that have posted a veiled threat against the creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.  (UPDATE: Summary from last night’s show at the bottom) (more…)

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Always interested in breaking down the dueling political dichotomies, I recently stumbled onto an old article from Life Science entitled, Conservatives Happier Than Liberals”.  Having spent a lot of time reading the left, even I was surprised at the blatant bias and backward reasoning the article attempted.  (more…)

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