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In the red corner, fighting out of New York City, by way of the House of Reps, then the MSNBC academy; Joe “Big Country” Scarborough.  And in the blue corner, fighting out of the Peach State; also by way of the House of Reps, and recently Fox News punditry; Newt “The Speaker” Gingrich. 

Now touch gloves, and come out fighting!! 



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In wake of the recent Israeli/Gaza debacle one common theme is emerging; the world really hates Jews.  You would think such a profound lack of moral clarity would be highly alarming to the rational masses.  But these days, brainwashed Muslims, uninterested Americans, and welfare loving Europeans have immediately trounced on the unjust opportunity to bash, discredit and rant against the only bastion of freedom in an un-free world.  Israel. 

The facts of this story are very simple.  But like the Arizona Illegal Immigration debate, getting the facts to the users has proven too much to handle for our media, the UN, and Jew hating Muslims worldwide.  Let me give you the background on recent events occurring in the middle-eastern area called the Gaza Strip.  (more…)

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Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas hit on my biggest problem with the Obama Administration. America has been suffering causalities at the hands of militant Islam since the 1980’s. These radicals have killed well over 4,000 Americans since they declared war on us.

Yet, today this administration is afraid to offend the enemies. After two minutes of questioning, our nations top lawyer concludes with this sentence:

I certainly think that its possible people who espouse a radical version of Islam have had an ability to have an impact on people like Shahzad

You think?

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If you’ve ever watched South Park, you know the show is unafraid to go after anybody.  Its their satirical look at all walks of life and topical events that has kept the show fresh and maintained its high viewership for 14 seasons.  But on their 200th episode special, they have sparked the anger of a radical Islamic organization that have posted a veiled threat against the creators of the show, Matt Stone and Trey Parker.  (UPDATE: Summary from last night’s show at the bottom) (more…)

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Pat Buchanan has a long list of political accolades.  As a former adviser to multiple Republican Presidents he has years of experience on Television as well as Radio.  Currently a regular on MSNBC and syndicated columnist, Buchanan is as experienced politically as anyone and is an influential voice in today’s body politic.  I often read his columns on townhall.com with an appreciation for his experience and willingness to say what he believes.  Unfortunately today I wanted to highlight two of his recent columns as I believe his logic and tone do nothing to advance the debate on two touchy subjects.   Until we can get clearer thinking regarding Race and Radical Islam, our collective relations with both will continue to be hampered. (more…)

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By now we all know the story of the Nigerian Diaper bomber who nearly took the lives of some 300 passengers aboard a Northwest Airlines Flight coming into Detroit from Amsterdam on Christmas Day.  The attack was thwarted due to his own incompetence along with the brave reactions of passengers aboard that fateful flight into MY local airport.  Maybe it was pure luck that wouldn’t let the terrorist’s chemical reaction ignite, or maybe it was divine intervention from a much less imposing and less violent creator??  That we’ll never know. (more…)

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A few times per week, around noon time Every so often, we will post a few op-ed pieces from newspapers, mainstream websites, or elsewhere from the blogosphere: (more…)

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