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This is a post I wanted to write about a month ago when I saw Sean Penn on Bill Maher’s HBO show.  Sean Penn is not unfamiliar to controversy or saying derogatory things about those who disagree with him.  A few weeks back he said, “Do I hope those people (who disagree with him) die of rectal cancer? Yeah.”  His blind socialist views have led him to reject democratic freedoms, and rejoice a dictator like Hugo Chavez.  Rather than helping the less fortunate that he claims to achieve, he is slapping the poor in the mouth by aligning himself with a man like Chavez.

Sean Penn is undeniably a terrific actor and activist for many good causes.  But his ambition to promote a socialist agenda has stripped him of his ability to have logical thoughts. He is still adored by the uneducated liberals, but by the majority of Americans and even immigrants his political ideology are reckless and self-promoting.  (more…)

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