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As some commentators on the Left look to defend the Nobel Peace Prize given to Obama on Friday morning, others are not so quick to acknowledge the President deserved it…including the President.

In the above video from yesterday’s Rachel Maddow Show, Ms. Maddow tries desperately (and smugly) to explain why Obama deserved the prestigious honor.  She lists a few previous winners that were given the award prior to completing their life goal of peace.  However, she overlooks the fact that the award was bestowed upon the likes of Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter after DECADES of charitable work.  Between her predictable slaps at former President Bush, she tries to explain from the year prior to the nomination what Obama did to deserve the award.  All examples other than the not complete order to close Guantanamo Bay were given in debates or speeches. Nothing of achievement; no actions to follow-up on his soaring peace mission rhetoric. 

Maddow and the like are shamefully trying to spin the debate into being about American pride, rather than acknowledging the extreme bias that does not allow us to fairly debate the merits of our President.  I understand why, it’s much easier from her point of view to make the debate about hating America.  But while Maddow wishes to call those pointing out the absurdity of the award as “deranged” – one person agrees with the sentiment this was too soon.  Following the jump, read the letter e-mailed to Obama supporters after the Nobel Prize announcement:  (more…)

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