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Unlike “grandma”, one thing that will not die is the spin surrounding the Health Care debate. So let’s recap where we are right now with the new health care law:  In the past week, a bunch of pompous speeches and voting have taken place, and in the end, all it means is the bill is still passed.  That was the short summary ignoring all the bloviating (thank you, Mr. O’Reilly).  Meanwhile, the President continues to tour across American campaigning about this bill.  Isn’t it a bit scary that the President needs to put so much effort in selling this bill to the American people after a year of debating?  This man could sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves.  Anyways, of all the talk, the most intriguing part to me is how the Left and the media are working desperately to spin the storyline away from the bill and on to circumstantial events.  (more…)

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