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Recently I’ve been hearing this phrase a lot; the world is upside down.  People are slowly catching on to the fact that things are un-like how they used to be.  Political polarization mixed with outlandish irrationalities and head-shaking ignorance is becoming common place.  But unfortunately many of these stories, which defy sound logic or objectivity, simply fall through the cracks of our 24/7 news cycle.  In an attempt to document the patently outrageous, I have decided to start an ongoing series called, The United States of Absurdity.  We will be documenting stories that we hope only represent the fringe of a fringe with sources and very short commentary.  And as our upside down world slowly renders The Onion obsolete, at least they won’t be able to say that we’re all crazy.  Let’s begin.

How bored are “Human Rights” groups in America?  (more…)

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