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Whether or not the average American realizes it, we are on the brink of an important ideological shift regarding the future of our country.  In clear opposition to America’s Founding Principles of limited government, free enterprise and individual liberty, President Obama and the Democratic Party are fundamentally transforming our nation.  And although Obama ran as a moderate looking to unite during his presidential campaign, he clearly articulated his vision prior to the election.  His goal was simple; to transform America.  A few months after inauguration he outlined his agenda (which was reaffirmed during his first State of the Union Address), and has since worked tirelessly to implement each step he believes will usher in a new era of American life.  An American life unified with leftist values; dependence on big government, and a financial and social system on par with our western European allies.  Call me conservative, a Tea Party member, a right-wing radical or extremist all you want, but the evidence supporting my “theory” of our impending ideological shift by so-called Democratic mandate is overwhelming.  (more…)


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I wonder what it feels like to be the most hated man in America? And no, Im not talking about Tiger Woods. In the political world no one is more hated right now than Joe Lieberman.  A decade removed from being his party’s nominee for Vice President of the United States, he is now being viewed as the single opponent preventing the passing of a strong, progressive Health Care Reform Bill.  Although there are several other moderate Democrat senators that have not confirmed they would vote for the current Senate bill, Sen. Lieberman has become an easy target and enemy #1.  Is Joe a vindictive opportunist or a senator sticking with his convictions and constituency?  (more…)

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