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The Aye's Have It

The Health Care Reform bill passed the House this evening by a vote of 219-212.  It appears the block of Pro-Life Democrats that were persuaded by the Executive Order were the deciding factor.  There are still more details to be ironed out next week in the Senate.  But for tonight, the President’s party has passed the essential and foremost part of his platform. Much more to come later…

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“We’re leaving together/But still it’s farewell/And maybe we’ll come back/To earth, who can tell?/I guess there is no one to blame/We’re leaving ground/Will things ever be the same again?/It’s the Final Countdown”

After nearly a year of lively debate, the Health Care Reform bill will finally come up for a final vote in the House of Representatives.  The bill still must pass the Senate, which shouldn’t be an issue if they use reconciliation, so this vote really represents the final hurdle for the Democrats to pass the unpopular bill.  Sort of.  So what’s next? (more…)

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