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We are almost a full week into the debate on the new immigration law passed in the state of Arizona and the heated rhetoric is still prevalent. The opponents are bringing out the big outrage guns through marches planned by Rev. Sharpton, boycotts against traveling to Arizona, boycotts against companies headquartered in Arizona, and even boycotts against Arizona iced tea…which is manufactured in New York (like a bad salsa commercial). Facebook groups against the bill have been created, Paul Rodriguez has canceled his comedy tour through Arizona, and people are picketing the Arizona Diamondbacks…even on the road. You cannot view the media without finding some opinion relating the law to racism, Nazi Germany, or apartheid which no doubt should shape the opinion of the nation. Unless it hasn’t. (more…)


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Capitol Building - NightIt’s that time of the month when pollsters begin releasing their latest surveys into the national psyche of current events and hot topics.  For the most part, the latest numbers are not too surprising.  Obama is still rating favorably (51%).  Americans are still skeptical of health care reform (39% For; 41% Against).  But there were a few interesting items reported. Foremost, 80% of Americans say they are satisfied with their health care. But that’s not even the most shocking part of that high statistic. (more…)

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