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Miss USA waves 2010 good-bye

The year is nearly over – time to review what’s happened in 2010 while we look forward to a superb 2011.  I’ve picked a few posts we’ve done each month this year…some were more enlightening, some were more argumentative, and some were just more entertaining.  We took all of December off, but look forward to getting back at posting more in 2011.  Thanks for visiting the site this year, and wish y’all a Happy, Blessed, and Prosperous New Year.  (more…)

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I’ve allowed Obama’s coming fiscal year budget to digest, and it’s still giving me indigestion.  I am sympathetic to the need to increase spending in some areas to promote job growth, but there is no effort to try and cut costs in other non-essential programs or to hold off on spending areas that do need improvement but not instantly.  I am tired of his sorry excuse repeated over and over by progressives that if it wasn’t for President Bush, we wouldn’t have to build on this deficit.  I know he got dealt a shitty hand.  But it didn’t force him to fold when he got his party’s nomination.  Since when do two wrongs make a right?  What I think, is that he’s happy to deal with the problem because it allows him to pass more spending and promote some of his socialist views under the cover of recovering the economy.  I don’t think it’s some sinister plot to destroy America…but he has made no qualms about hiding that he believes government can cure-all that ails us. Someone in this country, needs to make the tough decisions and get us back on track fiscally before our dollar has no value or our debt to foreign nation’s leads to something catastrophic. (more…)

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State of the Union Address

{ED. NOTE: Click here for SOTU Recap, Part II or here to the Rebublican Response}

In an effort to review all parts of the State of the Union, we have split the address into three parts – conveniently it works, since there are 3 Conservative Bros.  In Part I, I will focus on the beginning of the speech that covered most of the jobs bill, economy, and personal financial issues. MacGregor will cover the second part of the speech that included topics such as Health Care Insurance Reform, Campaign Financing, Defense, Budgeting, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and much Republican baiting.  Finally, Timmy will recap the Republican Response by Gov. Bob McDonnell and look forward. 

In general, I found Obama’s first State of the Union address to be very unbalanced, without a centralized message.  He was very condescending in most parts, some light-hearted jabs, others, hooks to the jaw. There was minimal to no outreach towards Republicans or apologies for boxing them out of the process in the first year, but many times blame was thrown at the feet of Republicans.  It showed the lack of leadership by the man claiming the Republicans were showing no leadership that rather than focus on the failures of his record majority, although it was mentioned, he threw most of the blame at the minority party who had no say in his health bills or most of the 2009 Congressional happenings.

He took some of populist angst towards the economy and made it his own, but also stuck a foot in the sand on some liberal policies that he wants to see passed right away. While many, including myself, expected him to come to the center in this speech like Clinton before him, I found generally he was still looking to pass unpopular policies in the cover of the “for the people” banner.  The same policies that have led to defeats in Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Some contradictions, some mea culpas, some off the cuff laughs and a LOT of ego.  (more…)

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There’s been a lot of discussion in politics revolving around redistribution of wealth and I can’t help but channel Francisco d’ Anconia from the popular 1950’s novel “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. Every time I hear someone demonize wealth and prosperity I’m reminded of this speech.  If you haven’t read this book, it’s a must read, that is if you have the patience to read a 1100 page book. (more…)

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A few weeks ago the Obama administration came out with some claims about how many jobs the stimulus bill had created to date. I heard some news agencies, Rush Limbaugh, and others pick apart the numbers. I sort of ignored the story and thought that it was a little petty. Then yesterday, I caught wind of a few states that noticed there were jobs created in non-existing congressional districts.

So let’s start from the beginning and sort it out. On Feb. 17, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, at the request of President Obama. The act was created to help curb the effect of an ensuing economic crisis. Like any government program it is big and complex. It has three goals: (more…)

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A few times per week, around noon time we will post a few op-ed pieces from newspapers, mainstream websites, or elsewhere from the blogosphere: (more…)

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Good Thing Mr. Burns Can Lend the US a Trill

Good thing Montgomery Burns can lend Uncle Sam a Trill

You know how the government likes to make sure it keeps bad news out of the headlines by casually dropping the information on a Friday afternoon?  Well last Friday was one of those bad-news-lets-keep-it-out-of-the-24-hour-news-cycle days.  Then today, the White House took their gamesmenship to a championship level by releasing CIA documents and appointing an independent investigator to investigate past interrogation techniques. Interrogation is catnip to cable news pundits. Combined these two tried & true tactics have provided an A+ diversion for the Obama administration to add 27% to the federal deficit projection without raising any significant questions from the general public. It’s getting damn near cartoon-ish. (more…)

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