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The New Year has finally arrived.  The new Congress is finally in session.  The shock of the Arizona madmen is finally starting to calm down.  What will these events bring; a fresh start with a chance at political reconciliation, a shift in big government ideology from the previous two years, or maybe a 180 from the seemingly indelible polarization that has fixated itself inside our way of life?  My guess is none of the above.  And even with Congress’ symbolic move to “sit together” during President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address, I believe it’s all the same dog and pony show we’ve seen time and time again.  The reason being; our liberal media and liberal friends will continue to carry on with their crusade to transform America.

Over the weekend, trying to get away from Sunday news shows interviewing injured Arizona Congresswoman’s female friends, and the New England Patriots inexplicable loss to the New York Jets, a news stories caught my eye.  It outlines the train of political thought that I have been trying to explain for a few years now. (more…)

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Transforming America

Approaching the upcoming election, ThreeConservativeBros is highlighting 50 events that have influenced our nation since the 2008 Presidential Election. Today we discuss reasons 36 thru 50.  Click here to review Volume I, Volume II, Volume III, and Volume IV. (more…)

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To Serve Or Not To Serve

The policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has been brought to the forefront again by President Obama, most recently in his State of the Union Address.  Here on ThreeConservativeBros, we have debated the issue at length, often times coming up with more questions than proposed solutions to the problem.  Whether or not you agree or disagree with the long standing policy’s dissolution is not my aim here, it’s to let people know that socials issues are usually complex, emotional and rarely seem to have a clear or fair answer.  I’ve tried to make it a point in my dealings with socially complex, hot button issues like DADT, to take a moderate tone, search for the facts, and identify the tactics employed by all sides of the argument.  We must approach these types of issues with an aim towards clarity, searching for common levels of agreement rather than surface level emoting or stubborn xenophobia.  (more…)

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“I will end ‘don’t ask-don’t tell,'” Obama claimed Saturday night to a standing ovation from the crowd full of gay activists at the dinner for Human Rights Campaign in Washington D.C.


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