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Recently Time magazine bought a house in Detroit and started moving in reporters for a year long project to chronicle life in the city of Detroit. Time Inc is calling this, “Assignment Detroit.” They have also started a blog  with the hopes that this media attention will shed more light on what I believe to be a national tragedy. Instead of Assignment Detroit, I would have named the project, “The Death and Abandonment of an American City”judge_sentence_detroit_465555.

There are plenty of problems in the city and even more blame to go around, but I would like to focus on the tragedy that is the Detroit Public School System. The DPS currently has about 94,000 students enrolled in 194 schools that cover all of the city of Detroit. That number of students is down 63 thousand in the past 6 years from 157 thousand in 2002. This shrinking population has “opened the flood gates” on the already overflowing budget of the school system. In early 2009, Jennifer Granholm appointed Robert Bobb as fiscal manager of DPS. What Bobb has found could be categorized as a combination of criminal, corrupt, shocking and appalling. (more…)

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