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Transforming America

Approaching the upcoming election, ThreeConservativeBros is highlighting 50 events that have influenced our nation since the 2008 Presidential Election. Today we discuss reasons 16 thru 25. Click here to review Volume I, or here for Volume II… (more…)


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I have posted several items quoting different polling information in the year since we began this blog. I am a numbers guy – I work with numbers daily, and I enjoy looking at different polling data to determine the pulse of the nation. Often you hear people complain that such a poll is biased…”Oh look, it’s a Fox News poll, you can’t trust that – they are conservative”…”Don’t trust an MSNBC poll, they obviously are liberal”. Well, what happens when one of those polling firms are accused of fraud by the agent that hired them?

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roman-polanski-in-wing-collarOver the weekend, Academy Award winning director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland with plans to extradite back to the United States. Polanski has been on the lam for 32 years after pleading guilty to raping a 13 year old girl.  Despite the reprehensible act, he has remained a hero to many in liberal Hollywood – even as late as 2002, he was given the Best Director Oscar for his film The Pianist.  France has refused to give Polanski to America and given him a safe haven, not surprisingly they have reacted angrily to what the Swiss have done.  It’s shocking and damn sickening to review the facts of the case and then read the opinions on many mainstream liberal websites. (more…)

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