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In the red corner, fighting out of New York City, by way of the House of Reps, then the MSNBC academy; Joe “Big Country” Scarborough.  And in the blue corner, fighting out of the Peach State; also by way of the House of Reps, and recently Fox News punditry; Newt “The Speaker” Gingrich. 

Now touch gloves, and come out fighting!! 


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GOP-ElephantEarly on, Tuesday night was victorious for the Republican Party no matter how varied the opinions are on what these results will mean going forward. But the surprise happened late when the voters in New York’s 23rd district rallied against the out-of-state spending and the late candidacy of Doug Hoffman, electing the moderate Democrat Bill Owens – the first Democrat elected in well over 100 years. As I mentioned in yesterday’s preview, the key message to the RNC going forward is to study every election closely, know the core issues for the electorate and nominate a candidate that can stimulate that desire. A straight ideological candidacy will not win in this day and age. Both parties have done too much to alienate middle America. So to win you have to be able to reach the coveted moderate and independent voters. That message won the Republicans two Governorships and lost them one Congressional seat.

Lets review last night’s major races: (more…)

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