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[Ed. Note: This item was originally posted on Oct 15th, 2009. In honor of Obama’s acceptance speech in Norway earlier this morning, we will re-run it today]

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel

Last Friday, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded their Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama. Nearly everyone that I spoke to,  read from and listened to, agreed that this award was given prematurely. Much time and effort was spent over the weekend deducing whether or not folks agreed with this decision, or if they believed the once heralded Nobel Peace Prize Award has turned once and for all to be purely political. Throughout the discussions and Facebook polls questioning if he deserved the award, I wanted to take a quick look at the “accomplishments” the committee may have looked to in deciding to bestow the honor onto our president…
We first need to take a look at the Committee’s stated reasons why they believed President Obama was deserving of the award. (more…)

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