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Transforming America

Approaching the upcoming election, ThreeConservativeBros is highlighting 50 events that have influenced our nation since the 2008 Presidential Election. Today we discuss reasons 36 thru 50.  Click here to review Volume I, Volume II, Volume III, and Volume IV. (more…)

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James O’Keefe aka “undercover pimp” strikes again. Yesterday after the first two videos broke Scott Levenson, a spokesman for ACORN said:

“The portrayal is false and defamatory and an attempt at gotcha journalism. This film crew tried to pull this sham at other offices and failed. ACORN wants to see the full video before commenting further.”

Oops, time to pull your foot out of your mouth and tell everyone ACORN is taking this problem seriously, Scott.


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A few times per week, around noon time we will post a few op-ed pieces from newspapers, mainstream websites, or elsewhere from the blogosphere: (more…)

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