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This is a post I wanted to write about a month ago when I saw Sean Penn on Bill Maher’s HBO show.  Sean Penn is not unfamiliar to controversy or saying derogatory things about those who disagree with him.  A few weeks back he said, “Do I hope those people (who disagree with him) die of rectal cancer? Yeah.”  His blind socialist views have led him to reject democratic freedoms, and rejoice a dictator like Hugo Chavez.  Rather than helping the less fortunate that he claims to achieve, he is slapping the poor in the mouth by aligning himself with a man like Chavez.

Sean Penn is undeniably a terrific actor and activist for many good causes.  But his ambition to promote a socialist agenda has stripped him of his ability to have logical thoughts. He is still adored by the uneducated liberals, but by the majority of Americans and even immigrants his political ideology are reckless and self-promoting.  (more…)

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                                                Progressives are becoming more and more disheartened by the lack of progress to pass Universal Health Care by their Democratic leadership in Washington and are starting to vocalize their displeasure.  For example, on Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, guest Bill Moyers said, “too many Democrats have had their spines surgically removed.”  Over the last few weeks while Congress has been on recess, several liberal pundits and talk show hosts have shared this “spineless” critique of their elected officials.  Meanwhile, the polls have continued to drop against Obama; down to 50%, his lowest ever in the Gallup poll, led by a decrease in August by his largest support demos.  With all hell breaking loose at the Capitol, someone needs to step in and guide the Democratic Party.  That man?  Bob Dole.


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Watch the first 15 seconds of this video from Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. Notice anything about the Hitler signs being carried at this protest outside of a town hall in California? Conservative columnist for the New York Times and Maher panelist Ross Douthat did, but you won’t find it anywhere on the internet (even in this clipped video) or talked about in the mainstream media. (more…)

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