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Following the jump, is the entire text left behind from Joe Stack explaining the reasoning behind his actions.  Before listening the inevitable spin by the media making this a case of a delusional Tea Party supporter, I thought it would be best to read what this domestic terrorist had to say.  While very long and ranty, his manifesto is oddly coherent.  Stack was obviously a sick man that rationalized his desperate actions by blaming an invisible third party for all that has ruined his life.  But he wasnt a stereotypical partisan man of any sort.  He hates capitalism, but he hates big government.  His one tea-party-esque theme is his displeasure that the system is rigged for the corporation while the individual is left out to fend for themselves.  I can’t imagine being so enraged to even consider such an act; but it’s interesting to see how a man could get to this tragic point.  Read for yourself and comment below…  (more…)

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