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Transforming America

With 53% of the vote, the elections of 2008 were sold to the American people under the simple yet powerful notion of CHANGE.  They had just put into office the nation’s first black President, along with deeper Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate.  The new President and his Democratic leadership read this resounding victory as a mandate for sweeping change, outlining a far-reaching agenda to fundamentally transform not just the direction of the country, but our essential economic and socio-cultural framework.

In the past two years we have seen a determined White House and overwhelming majorities in Congress chart that new course for our country.  Unfortunately in our 24 hour new cycle, many developments simply get lost in the shuffle.  So with the 2010 mid-term elections fast approaching, ThreeConservativeBros decided to compile a list of significant events that have occurred in the past 24 months.   We determined these fifty stories were the most important for people to remember before going into the ballot box this November 2nd.  Here they are in no specific order. (more…)

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In a final round of primaries before the November mid-terms, several non-establishment conservative candidates won again.  This narrative has been going on for months now across the country, but last night in one GOP primary, the anti-establishment fervor may have cost the Republicans a winnable seat in Delaware and a majority in the Senate.  (more…)

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The USS Cole was attacked in the Yemeni Port of Aden, on October 12, 2000. 17 sailors died and 39 more were injured in the suicide attack. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack and Jamal al-Badawi was detained just days later. His confession to recruiting the other bombers led to several arrests including Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. Since then al-Badawi has escaped from Yemeni prisons twice along with others convicted for the Cole bombing. He last surrendered to Yemeni authorities as part of an agreement with al-Qaeda militants, although he was released in return for a pledge not to engage in any violent or al-Qaeda related activity. Ten years later none of the defendants convicted in Yemen of the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole remain in prison.

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Location of Proposed "Ground Zero Mosque"

Only a few weeks ago, the Obama administration’s stated opinion on the mosque/Islamic cultural center being built near Ground Zero was that it was a local issue that the President would not comment on, as seen here being said by Robert Gibbs:  

It’s a position the administration has held on to several times since the Henry Louis Gates incident to not get involved in hot button topics such as Prop 8.  But on Friday, the President finally did come out in support of the right to build a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, only to hedge his comments on Saturday.  But why?  (more…)

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After finishing a long, happy, peaceful vacation in the middle of the week, I knew that I would have to return to the stresses of work and see what was happening in the “real world”. Little did I know that this week would include some of the damnedest, most frustrating claims of racism and transparent use of racial wounds that we’ve ever seen. It isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last…but, it was increasingly frustrating to hear more liberal commentors divide the country by race. And worst of all, being able to do it by pointing the finger at conservatives and getting away with it.

I read a refreshing article from Prof. Thomas Sowell yesterday, that made me feel much better that there may just be an eventual end to these bogus claims. Fraudulent use of the race card has left Americans polarized on the issue of what is true racism. True institutional racism that should be fought against lays in the background as liberal extremists would prefer to use cases absent of racial bias or minor prejudices as their standard. As this becomes the standard, you can tell that Americans are becoming increasingly tired of being called racist just because they disagree with the far left, progressive agenda. And hopefully, as Prof. Sowell says in his article, “voters will wise up to race card fraud.”

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In wake of the recent Israeli/Gaza debacle one common theme is emerging; the world really hates Jews.  You would think such a profound lack of moral clarity would be highly alarming to the rational masses.  But these days, brainwashed Muslims, uninterested Americans, and welfare loving Europeans have immediately trounced on the unjust opportunity to bash, discredit and rant against the only bastion of freedom in an un-free world.  Israel. 

The facts of this story are very simple.  But like the Arizona Illegal Immigration debate, getting the facts to the users has proven too much to handle for our media, the UN, and Jew hating Muslims worldwide.  Let me give you the background on recent events occurring in the middle-eastern area called the Gaza Strip.  (more…)

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Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas hit on my biggest problem with the Obama Administration. America has been suffering causalities at the hands of militant Islam since the 1980’s. These radicals have killed well over 4,000 Americans since they declared war on us.

Yet, today this administration is afraid to offend the enemies. After two minutes of questioning, our nations top lawyer concludes with this sentence:

I certainly think that its possible people who espouse a radical version of Islam have had an ability to have an impact on people like Shahzad

You think?

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