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In the
past 48 hours, opinions have formed on each side of the aisle
about the causes for the unthinkable massacre at a town
hall event hosted by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Saturday.
Some more reasoned thinkers have looked at the shooter’s
mental history and YouTube ramblings for clues. Others
are rightfully questioning how a mentally ill man was able to
legally purchase the murder weapon in the first place. But
some illogical and cruel attention-seakers are still looking to pin
the events on a vague reference to Tea Party rhetoric and Sarah
Palin directly. What saddened me the most were some of the
opinions I saw in the immediate wake of the chilling events
that occurred in the Tucson supermarket. I was shocked
by a lot of the blog posts and tweets that were being sent to me in
the first few hours of the tragedy. Logic and reason mostly win out
as time passes, however to see the liberal scapegoating before my
eyes was a sad display of the continued evil and divisive
immaturity that remains a force for the Far Left of this

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Miss USA waves 2010 good-bye

The year is nearly over – time to review what’s happened in 2010 while we look forward to a superb 2011.  I’ve picked a few posts we’ve done each month this year…some were more enlightening, some were more argumentative, and some were just more entertaining.  We took all of December off, but look forward to getting back at posting more in 2011.  Thanks for visiting the site this year, and wish y’all a Happy, Blessed, and Prosperous New Year.  (more…)

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Transforming America

Approaching the upcoming election, ThreeConservativeBros is highlighting 50 events that have influenced our nation since the 2008 Presidential Election. Today we discuss reasons 16 thru 25. Click here to review Volume I, or here for Volume II… (more…)

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 Back in October, we posted the following piece demonstrating the difficulties a moderate, African-American liberal faced by not toeing the party talking points and being an independent thinker.  This week, Juan Williams was back in the news, after being fired by NPR following comments that NPR felt did not meet their editorial standards.  The comment made by Juan Williams explained how he felt when he gets on a plane and sees Muslims passengers in traditional garb. Juan said, “I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.” 

What the liberal media and many seem to be editing out, is that this was his opening to his main point that it does not make him feel good, and we need to be careful to not let our own fears violate anyone’s constitution rights.  Juan responded to his firing on FoxNews.com with an excellent opinion piece that should be read.  NPR firing Juan has nothing to do with his comments, but from a witch hunt attack on him for having independent thought and not adhering to their liberal point of view.  NPR CEO Vivian Schiller made that clear with her cheap shot yesterday that Juan should have kept his comments “between him and his psychiatrist”.  If it was a private company I would say NPR has any right to fire anyone that would feel didn’t meet their “standards”.  But NPR is a publicly funded entity – relying on our tax dollars (or from healthy donations from liberal idealogues) – and if they are going to choose to stand for a political position, they should be defunded and supported privately.  Juan will certainly land on his feet and I appreciate his thoughtful differing opinion on many issues.  The public should support his honest debate. If NPR does not agree with difference in opinion, the public should not support theirs. (more…)

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In the red corner, fighting out of New York City, by way of the House of Reps, then the MSNBC academy; Joe “Big Country” Scarborough.  And in the blue corner, fighting out of the Peach State; also by way of the House of Reps, and recently Fox News punditry; Newt “The Speaker” Gingrich. 

Now touch gloves, and come out fighting!! 


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Conscientious Objector or Benedict Arnold?

Uncle Anti-War

Often times you hear those on the political left complain that they are caricatured as un-patriotic or even anti-American.  Although I’m not personally familiar with any legitimate or influential conservative politician voicing such rhetoric, it’s a charge that gets regurgitated on a regular basis.  But, is there a basis for such a charge?  Has the claim of being labeled un-American only been used to deflect actual liberal mindsets and actions that warrant such labels?  Is there a difference between taking un-American stances and being righteously anti-American? (more…)

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After finishing a long, happy, peaceful vacation in the middle of the week, I knew that I would have to return to the stresses of work and see what was happening in the “real world”. Little did I know that this week would include some of the damnedest, most frustrating claims of racism and transparent use of racial wounds that we’ve ever seen. It isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last…but, it was increasingly frustrating to hear more liberal commentors divide the country by race. And worst of all, being able to do it by pointing the finger at conservatives and getting away with it.

I read a refreshing article from Prof. Thomas Sowell yesterday, that made me feel much better that there may just be an eventual end to these bogus claims. Fraudulent use of the race card has left Americans polarized on the issue of what is true racism. True institutional racism that should be fought against lays in the background as liberal extremists would prefer to use cases absent of racial bias or minor prejudices as their standard. As this becomes the standard, you can tell that Americans are becoming increasingly tired of being called racist just because they disagree with the far left, progressive agenda. And hopefully, as Prof. Sowell says in his article, “voters will wise up to race card fraud.”

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I have posted several items quoting different polling information in the year since we began this blog. I am a numbers guy – I work with numbers daily, and I enjoy looking at different polling data to determine the pulse of the nation. Often you hear people complain that such a poll is biased…”Oh look, it’s a Fox News poll, you can’t trust that – they are conservative”…”Don’t trust an MSNBC poll, they obviously are liberal”. Well, what happens when one of those polling firms are accused of fraud by the agent that hired them?

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In wake of the recent Israeli/Gaza debacle one common theme is emerging; the world really hates Jews.  You would think such a profound lack of moral clarity would be highly alarming to the rational masses.  But these days, brainwashed Muslims, uninterested Americans, and welfare loving Europeans have immediately trounced on the unjust opportunity to bash, discredit and rant against the only bastion of freedom in an un-free world.  Israel. 

The facts of this story are very simple.  But like the Arizona Illegal Immigration debate, getting the facts to the users has proven too much to handle for our media, the UN, and Jew hating Muslims worldwide.  Let me give you the background on recent events occurring in the middle-eastern area called the Gaza Strip.  (more…)

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Columnist Tom Moran questioned New Jersey Governor Chris Christie about his “controversial tone”.

Music To My Ears
This is what I want to hear from conservative leaders. I don’t want my politician playing both sides of the issue. I don’t want them to worry about reelection. I want them to carry out the will of the people in the best interest of the office.

I agree Governor, it is honest and refreshing.

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