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Conscientious Objector or Benedict Arnold?

Uncle Anti-War

Often times you hear those on the political left complain that they are caricatured as un-patriotic or even anti-American.  Although I’m not personally familiar with any legitimate or influential conservative politician voicing such rhetoric, it’s a charge that gets regurgitated on a regular basis.  But, is there a basis for such a charge?  Has the claim of being labeled un-American only been used to deflect actual liberal mindsets and actions that warrant such labels?  Is there a difference between taking un-American stances and being righteously anti-American? (more…)

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Gay MarriageThe elections from last Tuesday echoed a sentiment heard time and time again. PEOPLE DO NOT WANT GAY MARRIAGE. Maine became the latest of 31 states to vote for a ban on gay marriage. Typically a liberal stronghold, Maine joins other even more liberal states like California and Hawaii to by popular vote, reject the idea of changing the fundamental union of our civilization. If the country’s most liberal states cannot get these initiatives passed, where is this heated debate going? I have an idea where it should go. (more…)

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