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I’ve allowed Obama’s coming fiscal year budget to digest, and it’s still giving me indigestion.  I am sympathetic to the need to increase spending in some areas to promote job growth, but there is no effort to try and cut costs in other non-essential programs or to hold off on spending areas that do need improvement but not instantly.  I am tired of his sorry excuse repeated over and over by progressives that if it wasn’t for President Bush, we wouldn’t have to build on this deficit.  I know he got dealt a shitty hand.  But it didn’t force him to fold when he got his party’s nomination.  Since when do two wrongs make a right?  What I think, is that he’s happy to deal with the problem because it allows him to pass more spending and promote some of his socialist views under the cover of recovering the economy.  I don’t think it’s some sinister plot to destroy America…but he has made no qualms about hiding that he believes government can cure-all that ails us. Someone in this country, needs to make the tough decisions and get us back on track fiscally before our dollar has no value or our debt to foreign nation’s leads to something catastrophic. (more…)

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